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In retirement, when it comes to health coverage there is only Medicare. In order to be considered fully insured under Original Medicare (Part A and B) one must also enroll into Part D (medications) and obtain a Medigap Plan, with a Plan G policy being the most robust for new enrollees.

Here is a breakdown of the most and least affordable states to reside in in terms of Original Medicare that includes a Part D Drug Plan and a Medigap Plan G (Supplemental) policy:

With the cost of Medicare coverage reaching over $405,000.00 this year for a 65 year-old retired couple throughout retirement any measure in cutting expense should be considered.

It is strongly recommended that before selecting any Medicare option you meet with a health insurance professional as well as a financial professional as Medicare is tied to income through IRMAA.

Your greatest asset is your health, shouldn’t you plan for it?

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