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NAFA announces partnership with Jester Financial Technologies

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“NAFA announces partnership with Jester Financial Technologies to offer expanded benefits to its Premier Partners.”

Washington, DC: The National Association for Fixed Annuities (NAFA) is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Jester Financial Technologies in order to bring added value to its members. This joint enterprise will provide NAFA with access to Jester Financial Technologies Scepter software, used to run health care cost illustrations, to be distributed with competitive licensing packages exclusively for NAFA Premier Partners.

“We chose to partner with Jester Financial Technologies due to their expertise in the costs and requirements of Medicare and Social Security and their understanding of the impact of those costs on Americans’ retirement income and financial planning. The variety of ways NAFA Premier Partners can introduce this important retirement planning software to their annuity professionals were tailored specifically to the independent distribution channel and reflect Jester’s keen understanding of how our members market and promote fixed annuities,” said Kim O’Brien, NAFA President & CEO.

“Arming insurance professionals with the tools and education to help secure their client’s future while controlling their healthcare costs cannot be entrusted to a more appropriate partner. NAFA offers the leadership, integrity and vision that makes this partnership one that will benefit not only the members of its association, but the industry as a whole.” Said Dan McGrath, Jester Financial Technologies Co-Founder

About NAFA

NAFA is exclusively dedicated to promoting the awareness and understanding of fixed income and deferred annuities through the education of policymakers, journalists, consumers, and the industry about the benefits of fixed annuities. Membership is comprised of individual insurance agents who sell and service Annuity products, as well as the various insurance companies, insurance agencies, and IMOs that underwrite and market Annuities.

About Jester Financial Technologies

Jester Financial Technologies is a leading producer of software and education that helps project the growing costs of healthcare in retirement along with providing education for the solutions to this issue.

Dan McGrath